Dear 13 Year Old Me

Dear 13 year old Christian,

It's the week of your wedding. Can you believe it? The day that you waited for is finally here. It's very surreal because it's taken FOREVER (btw you're 26, I know it's older that you thought but you got to do so many cool things on your own like travel to Nepal and much more.) but it happened all at once. Okay sit down cause your totally not going to believe this.. The guy you're marrying is perfect for you. He not only LOVES Jesus, he also works so hard and he is so sweet to you. He's totally dreamy. He's tender and funny just like dad and he knows just how to make you laugh when your having a hard day. He's compassionate and he treats you so well. He is an amazing leader. (which yeah leadership isn't on your radar right now but it should be) He is strong and brave. Christian I promise you... this was worth the wait. It was worth being 25 and never been kissed. It was worth every time you cried your self to sleep because no one picked you...yet. It was worth every awkward first date that didn't turn into a second. It was worth every minute of being made fun of because you weren't 'cool'. It was worth it all. Why? Because every detail of your story gives Jesus glory. Jesus saved you from so many bad situations that could have hurt you. Jesus saved you from so many bad decision that could have wrecked you. Favor isn't fair and it really doesn't make any sense, but be thankful and tell Jesus you love Him everyday.

Oh i forgot to mention, the guy your marrying is named Ryan (yeah i know its probably weird now but it is a totally different Ryan than your brother, it'll make sense, promise) Also, Grandma would be so happy, your marrying a blue eyed Italian man. I'm sure she's told everyone in Heaven

Dear 13 year old Christian, thank you for staying strong and always trusting Jesus, our God is really faithful and He really does love us. 

PS: You'll never guess who's in your wedding party. Lauren Leblanc and you are STILL friends... she's a lifer. You remember that guy Josh you rode the bus to Faith with? Well his daughter is one of your flower girls. Jessica and Gabby (obvi!). Oh and Cade has this hilarious girlfriend, her name is Taylor and everyone loves her. Ryan, your brother, married a sweet girl named Keri and they had you first niece named Hailey Grace. You have the coolest little cousin Lainey who is driving all the way from Arkansas. Ryan's sister is so nice and you and her get along so well and she has two adorable girls.